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Solinnen x Drive tout nu

Since 2018, Solinnen has been working on volunteer projects and is giving a part of its time to help small companies demonstrate the environmental benefice of their products or services. The choice of these project is done by the entire Solinnen team on topics that we wish to push forward. The first project, selected unanimously by the team was the environmental assessment of the first zero waste drive-in, called “Le Drive tout Nu”.

We have been working on this project for 6 month, in collaboration with “Le Drive tout Nu” team and more specifically Pierre Géraud-Liria, co-founder, who answered to all of our questions and supplied the information required to conduct the study.


The study started with identifying the elements that drive the environmental impact of the service, followed by a comparison of the results of “Le Drive tout Nu” with a “regular shop” without zero waste or drive-in practices.

To conduct this study, Solinnen relied on the product and organisation environmental footprint project (PEF/OEF) developed by the European commission in which Solinnen was involved. In the pilot phase, an OEFSR (Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules) was published on retail. Solinnen followed the recommendations of the OEF project to:

  • Identify the relevant life cycle steps
  • Select the relevant environmental impact indicators
  • Define the methodology (to model of the activity)
  • Define the default values for the representative organisation

Solinnen also used the QuantiGES methodology developed by ADEME to quantify the (potential and real) impact of an action in terms of GHG emissions.


Collaboration between Solinnen, Le Drive tout Nu, its suppliers and partners helped us identify elements in which Le Drive tout Nu was the most effective and those in which it could still improve. The project also enabled the identification of relevant ecodesign leads that can be activated in the short term as long as some that require more investments and could be set in motion at the launch of future Le Drive tout Nu shops !


Solinnen will develop new volunteer projects and will let you know when the time comes. Don’t hesitate to recommend in the comment section some small companies that could use our help in evaluating the environmental relevance of their products or services.


What about you, have you implemented volunteer projects in your company ? Share your experiences with us !

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