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Solinnen offers consulting services based on the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach and eco-design.
We adapt our services to your needs, whatever your background in the environmental field, the size of your organization, etc.

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Organisational Life Cycle Assessment

Identify the main contributors to the impacts on the environment within your organization. Discover the most relevant levers for actions to reduce significantly your environmental footprint. Solinnen applies the recommendation of the ISO/TR 14069 and ISO/TS 14072 standards for this kind of project.

Product-oriented environmental strategy

Do you want to think twice about your business plan? Do you want to know how it would be to propose services instead of products? What about being recognized as a socially responsible and sustainable company by taking a voluntary step into the circular economy and extended producer responsibility and create value!

Carbon footprint

Assess and reduce your carbon footprint while limiting side-effects such as significant pollution transfers to other environmental elements.

Value chain optimisation

Product-oriented environmental management

Externalities quantification : life cycle costing, monetisation of environmental impacts

Risks associated with dependence on natural resources

Water footprint

Research & Development

Screening life cycle assessment

Quickly identify the main contributors to the environmental footprint of your products and services and thus select the most relevant action plan.


Make your conception process more sustainable by taking into account the environment. Innovate and be competitive by following the ISO 14062 and NF X30-264 standards.

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R&D in LCA

LCA research is very active. Look at the recent outcomes that are likely to answer your needs even better. Solinnen assists you in implementing them: global sensitivity analysis, uncertainty propagation, Geographic information System/Life Cycle Assessment, using Brightway, an open source LCA software and by developing specific and dedicated tools.


Improvement in environmental performance of technologies, by applying innovative approaches or by identifying alternative technologies

Assessment of regionalised impacts

Consequential life cycle assessment

Communication & Marketing

Environmental Product Declarations

Improve your environmental communication : Environmental Product Declaration covering a single product or a category of product, a tool for generating EPDs for a whole range of product
we help you selecting the most appropriate solution for your need.

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Understand the European Commission's requirements for environmental product declarations. Solinnen has a thorough knowledge of the content of the PEF Guide and the experience of applying it to produce a PEFCR and perform case studies. We can assist you in the preparation of a dossier aimed at launching new PEF works and drafting your PEFCR.

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Communicating about GHG emission reductions

Communicate positively about your products, by quantifying the GHG emission reduction resulting from an eco-design approach

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Environmental labelling for consumer products.

Communicate on a focused and comprehensible manner to your clients and consumers.

Communicate to your consumers the environmental benefit of your product in comparison with others.

Communicate on the environmental performance of your innovative technology by entering the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program in accordance with the ISO 14034 standard.

Technical lobbying

Contributing to technical documents and position papers

Build up a robust communication, supported by reliable and relevant technical scientific assessments, dedicated to public authorities, professional associations.

Legal arguments

Benefit from Solinnen’s expertise in developing robust environmental arguments in the context of legal proceedings.

Do you need a specific service in the field of environmental assessment? Solinnen will find an innovative solution to meet this need, or will get you in touch with the relevant actor.