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Each sector has its own environmental problematics. Solinnen gathers experts who have worked in a large range of industrial sectors and have had to deal with such problematics. Solinnen adapts its services according to the specificities of your sector in order to best answer your requests.

Our expertise in LCA
Agri-food - Building - Cosmetics - Transportation - Energy - End of life

Building sector

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the building sector

Solinnen has a large expertise in the preparation of EPDs for the building sector, in compliance with the EN 15 804+A1 standard, and can assist you in registering your EPD in the French INIES database.

Verification of EPD according to the AFNOR programme

Verification of one or several EPDs; at key steps of the preparation process or once finalized.

Creation of specific tool to generate EPD

Watch on works and discussions in progress in standardization bodies

Environmental assessment of an entire building, according to EN 15 978

Training to builiding assessment, following the PEBN assessment guidelines to obtain the French E+C- label for new buildings

Biosourced products

Impacts on climate change by biosourced products

Carbon footprint of biosourced products, considering biogenic carbon

Study performed in order to obtain a specific label or certification

Studies and preparation of a dossier that provide the relevant criteria and argument to enable your clients to benchmark their products against your competitors’ products.

Comparative assessment to equivalent products coming from the petrochemical sector

Assistance in the eco-design of your processes

Assistance in the preparation of datasets to feed specialised life cycle inventory databases

Electric and Electronic equipment

Icône PEP ecopassport

PEP ecopassport ®

Verification of sectorial guidelines or critical review of product category rules document.

Other sectors

Discover our position as regards the environmental problematics of the sectors we work with the most.

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