2022 Seminar on the French Riviera

This year we had the chance to go to the French Riviera so that Delphine let us discover her beautiful region during our summer seminar. Indeed, you may not all be...

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Solinnen has moved away !

After several months of research and visits in different areas of Paris, we found the ideal place to put down our suitcases (and especially our computers) and meet you at...


Solinnen x Drive tout nu

Since 2018, Solinnen has been working on volunteer projects and is giving a part of its time to help small companies demonstrate the environmental benefice of their products or services....


Solinnen and One Click LCA develop an easy to use concrete EPD tool for the French industry

French LCA expert Solinnen and Bionova, developer of the One Click LCA construction Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) software have partnered to deliver easy to use Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tools. The...


Solinnen proposes Life Cycle Assessment expertise and consulting services in Sustainability in France, in Europe and in North America. Since 2010, Solinnen has assisted private and public organizations in many industrial and services sectors, in defining their sustainable strategy, in developing innovative products and services, in communicating their effort in reducing the environmental footprint of their goods or services to their clients, providers and to the public.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systemic tool for assessing the global environmental impacts of a product, a service, an organisation or a process.

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Philippe Osset

President and Founder

Delphine Bauchot

Partner and Human resources director

Cécile Beaudard

LCA analyst - COO

Guillaume Audard

LCA analyst

Salomé Leruch

LCA analyst

Aurore Philippe-Delvigne

LCA analyst

Emma Fermond

LCA analyst

Laure Couteau

LCA analyst

Charlie Brenot

LCA analyst

Julie Guiomard

Office Manager

Customised services

Sustainable and Environmental Strategy

Solinnen assists you in the definition of your sustainability strategy and provides you with a quantified assessment of your impacts on the environment to assist you in your decision making process.


Innovate by considering your relationship with the environment at the earliest stage of your design processes. From a screening life cycle assessment that identifies the stages of the life cycle, the processes or the materials that contribute the most to the impact of your products on the environment, to the consideration of the most advanced LCA studies applied to your products, Solinnen offers a variety of services tailored to your needs.

Environmental Communication

Solinnen assists you in communicating in a relevant and robust manner about the environmental performance of your products, while avoiding any green washing risks and potential charges.

Technical lobbying

Solinnen assists you in the development of technical contributions, position papers or legal arguments.

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