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Philippe Osset

President and Founder

Engineering Master’s Degree from the Ecole Centrale in Paris (ECP92). Philippe has been contributing to the development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for 27 years. He initiated the practice or significantly helped to spread it in several countries (Japan, South America, etc.). Recognized expert in several international projects, active representative in national (AFNOR) and international (ISO) organisations and Scientific Director of SCORELCA, Philippe plays a significant role in the evolution of LCA methodology and its applications to respond to the environmental and societal challenges of the economy. He co-founded Solinnen, with the desire to share his knowledge and experience with others, colleagues, companies or partners and to work together to create innovative solutions for the environment.

With Solinnen, I want to build a team and client relationships that are sustainable and fair, in collaboration with selected partners. The urgency to act requires joining forces to identify and implement innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact!

Delphine Bauchot

Partner and human resource director

Engineering Master’s Degree from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (E96), Actuarial Sciences Master’s Degree from ISFA. Delphine has 21 years of expertise in Sustainability. She has a robust experience in environmental risk management (internal audit, environmental liabilities, European directives implementation, biodiversity protection) and in sustainability strategy. Thus she brings the perfect assistance for building up and implementing new solutions. She co-leads Solinnen with Philippe and is in charge of the HR. She also provide coaching to individuals and groups with a humanistic and holistic approach. She is our expert for PEF experience proposed by the European Commission. She has been based in New York, US since 2016 and is managing the development of Solinnen in North America.

Humans cannot live and grow without being in contact and exchanging with the environment. It is through the awareness of this relationship and its quality, that humans can develop their sense of responsibility in this relationship and their ability to decide their own way of growing in a sustainable manner. The LCA contributes to this awareness!

CĂ©cile Beaudard


Engineering Master’s degree from the Ecole Polytechnique Feminine (EPF- 2011) with a double major in Energy and Environment. Cecile has 10 years of experience in environmental issues management. She used to work in industrial companies on environmental topics covered by Solinnen services and she uses her background experience as well as her listening skills to adapt our services to the specific need of each client. She contributes to the overall management of Solinnen with a focus on the business development and the partnership with other experts. She manages projects with companies in the building, cosmetics, transport and energy sectors. She is our Gabi expert and is in charge of our actions and specific contributions to the development of LCA practice in the building sector. She masters the DHUP certified tools and is licensed to verify EPD in the building sector.

Working together in a friendly atmosphere, being effective and organized and sharing our experience and expertise to protect our environment, will help us to build a global vision of an appropriate and sustainable relationship with the environment that will go beyond our and your projects!

Alexandre Lemaire

Project Manager

Eco-design Master’s Degree from the University of Besancon (2014). Alexandre has 6 years of experience in Life cycle assessment. His initial background in mechanical design gives him a solid background in manufacturing processes, materials and their characteristics. He thoroughly studied the eco-design approaches and related tools. He carried out several LCA projects, including one about the French wind farm park submitted to critical review. He has worked on various LCA software (Simapro, Gabi, EIME, SIEC), participated in the development of a simplified impact calculation tool and more complex LCA software. Within Solinnen he is our Simapro and eco-design expert. He manages projects in the energy and building sectors.

Since the early steps of my education, I have decided to take the path of eco-design and its tools. Taking into account the environment is no longer a luxury, but more than a necessity!

Guillaume Audard

Project manager

Engineering Master’s Degree from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (E07) and PhD from MINES ParisTech / PSL Research University (2016). Guillaume has 9 years experience in LCA and energy efficiency. With his experience in the field of academic research, he has a very good knowledge of the methodology of life cycle assessment, its scientific basis and its limits. He has worked on consequential life cycle assessment, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty propagation. He joined Solinnen in April 2017 as Project Manager. Responsible for the development of IT tools based on Brightway2 (Python) or Excel (VBA), he carries out studies and critical reviews. His main projects are with the electrical and electronic equipments and energy sectors.

Life cycle assessment methodology is evolving rapidly. The practice should not remain frozen. On the contrary, it must integrate the most advanced research as soon as possible. It will be able to better fulfill its decision-making role to help meet the environmental challenges we face.

Salomé Leruch

Junior project Manager

Engineering Master’s Degree from University of Technology of Troyes (2018) with a specialization in material sciences and Master’s degree in environment and sustainable development. Salomé has 4 year experience in Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design. She worked on environmental analysis of textiles, recyclability issues for electrical appliances and applied LCA in several sectors. Her studies gave her good knowledge on physical properties of materials and manufacturing processes. She joined Solinnen in October 2018 as a junior project manager.

Through eco-design, I chose to use my knowledge and creativity to help develop innovative project with lower environmental impacts.

Aurore Philippe-Delvigne

Junior project Manager

Aurore is a UTT engineer (Troyes University of Technology, 2020) specialising in Mechanics and holds a Master 2 in Risk and Environment, specialising in Engineering and Management of the Environment and Sustainable Development. She has 1 year experience in LCA and eco-design. She has worked on the realisation of FDES for the building industry and simplified LCAs in the cosmetics and luxury sector. Her first professional experiences gave her a first approach to product development and developed a strong technical sensitivity, as well as a good knowledge of materials and processes. After her end-of-study internship at Solinnen, she officially joined the team as Project Engineer in September 2020.

Through my training I wish to have all the tools in hand to make current practices evolve towards innovative solutions that are more sustainable and protect the environment.

Emma Fermond


Currently enrolled in an Engineering Master’s Degree at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard and in a Master’s Degree at the University of Besançon with a specialization in eco-design. Emma joined Solinnen at the beginning of the year to do her end-of-studies internship. Her courses allow her to develop competences in mechanics while including environmental aspects. She achieved many projects for both of her schools, which allow her to work as a team in the eco-design field and practice the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment.

Through this internship, I hope to be able to discover the professional world related to ecodesign and LCA in order to carry out a work with great values and I am more than delighted to join the Solinnen team !

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