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Philippe Osset

President and Founder

Engineering Master’s Degree from the Ecole Centrale in Paris (ECP92). Philippe has been contributing to the development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for 27 years. He initiated the practice or significantly helped to spread it in several countries (Japan, South America, etc.). Scientific Director of SCORELCA, convenor of the Technical Committee (COTEC) of Association PEP Ecopassport, active representative of Solinnen within national (AFNOR) and international (ISO, PEF) organisations, Philippe plays a significant role in the evolution of LCA methodology and its applications to address the environmental and societal challenges of the economy. He co-founded Solinnen, with the desire to share his knowledge and experience with others, colleagues, companies or partners and to work together to create innovative solutions for the environment. Federal Sailing Instructor First Degree, he is skipper and voluntary instructor within his sailing club of Port Louis (F-56) - he is also in charge of the environment within this sailing club, spreading these values to the young members of the club.

With Solinnen, I want to build a team and client relationships that are sustainable and fair, in collaboration with selected partners. The urgency to act requires joining forces to identify and implement innovative solutions to reduce our environmental impact!

Delphine Bauchot

Partner and human resource director

Engineering Master’s Degree from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (E96), Actuarial Sciences Master’s Degree from ISFA. Delphine has 21 years of expertise in Sustainability. She has a robust experience in environmental risk management (internal audit, environmental liabilities, European directives implementation, biodiversity protection) and in sustainability strategy. Thus she brings the perfect assistance for building up and implementing new solutions. She co-leads Solinnen with Philippe and is in charge of the HR. She also provide coaching to individuals and groups with a humanistic and holistic approach. She is our expert for PEF experience proposed by the European Commission. Having worked for several years in the United Kingdom and the United States, Delphine works more specifically on projects of international scope.

Humans cannot live and grow without being in contact and exchanging with the environment. It is through the awareness of this relationship and its quality, that humans can develop their sense of responsibility in this relationship and their ability to decide their own way of growing in a sustainable manner. The LCA contributes to this awareness!

CĂ©cile Beaudard

LCA analyst - COO

Engineering Master’s degree from the Ecole Polytechnique Feminine (EPF- 2011) with a double major in Energy and Environment. Cecile has 11 years of experience in environmental issues management. After 5 years in industrial companies where she used to work on LCA and eco-design topics, she has joined Solinnen in 2015. Using her background experience, CĂ©cile would like to assist Solinnen’s clients in developing their environmental initiatives. Outstanding organizer, she will use her skills to rhythm your project progress. She manages projects with companies in the buildings and construction, cosmetics and luxury, packagings and transports sectors. She is also trained to perform ACT (Assessing Low-Carbon TransitionÂź) analysis and participates in developing ACT methodologies for several sectors. She is also licensed to verify French EPD in the building sector. CĂ©cile supports Solinnen's board in all tasks (commercial, partnerships, scheduling and team management). Passionate by travelling and scuba-diving, she would like participate in preserving the world with all its marvels on land and at sea.

We have the capability to conserve our Environment, Let us seize this opportunity, Together, Now

Guillaume Audard

LCA analyst

Guillaume holds an Engineering Degree from Mines Saint-Etienne (E07) and a PhD from Mines ParisTech – PSL University (2016). He enjoys assessing complex issues and coming up with innovative solutions, especially when they are related to the transition towards a more sustainable society. Guillaume has a broad theoretical background in LCA, and he has been diversifying his skills to other domains of environmental assessment as a consultant. At Solinnen, Guillaume is in charge of methods, supporting the team in the choice of the most appropriate methodological choices to best meet the goals of our clients. Thanks to this role, he can stay up to date with the most recent advances in academia to transfer and integrate it into our practices. His main topics of expertise are energy, digital and new technologies, and electrical and electronic equipment. As a verificatory accredited by the INIES platform, Guillaume assists ours clients from the building sector in producing and verifying their EPDs. As the geek of the team, he is also tasked with managing IT at Solinnen and contributes to the development of our tools, with Excel, or with Python and Brightway2.

I like working at Solinnen because of its human-size and horizontal management. I like working within a very motivated team that always gives the best of itself. I also like the quality and diversity of the projects that we get to work on, allowing me to continue to learn more and more every day, while feeling that I contribute, at my own scale, to a more sustainable society

Salomé Leruch

LCA analyst

Engineering Master’s Degree from University of Technology of Troyes (2018) with a specialization in material sciences and Master’s degree in environment and sustainable development. SalomĂ© has 4 year experience in Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design. She worked on environmental analysis of textiles, recyclability issues for electrical appliances and applied LCA in several sectors. Her studies gave her good knowledge on physical properties of materials and manufacturing processes. She joined Solinnen in October 2018 as a junior project manager.

Through eco-design, I chose to use my knowledge and creativity to help develop innovative project with lower environmental impacts.

Laure Couteau

LCA analyst

Aeronautical engineer since 2010, Laure also holds a Master of Science in ``Engineering and Environmental Management`` from MINES ParisTech (IGE, 2016). She has worked for 10 years for several industries, including six years in Life Cycle Assessment and Ecodesign in big companies (aeronautics, energies). Laure is mostly experienced in topics related to mobility, natural resources (especially strategic and critical resources) and energies. She finds topics such as biomimicry, frugal innovation or autochthonous peoples' words inspiring for her job and life. Laure joined Solinnen in July 2021.

``The Earth does not belong to us : we belong to the Earth.`` Chief Seattle

Charlie Brenot

LCA analyst

At the end of engineer course in materials at UTT (University of Technology of Troyes) and a master degree (Engineering and Management of Environnement and Sustainable Development), Charlie joined the Solinnen’s team for his internship in September 2021. During a previous internship in LCA, he was able to learn about the building sector and developing tools in VBA. His training provides him with additional knowledge about Industrial and Territorial Ecology as well as eco-design. Charlie wishes to share a broader vision of the links between climate issues and regulatory constraints with companies. This is the first step to make everyone feel concerned to the extent of their capacities.

I’m enthusiastic to join a motivated, curious and listening team which forms a company where dialog is open and welcoming. I think it’s a good way to lead us to a sustainable world!

Julie Guiomard

Office Manager

Trained as a photographer and sensitive to the environment from a very young age, Julie has multiplied her experiences in the field of photographic reporting and production. She offers commissioned subjects for companies, architectural gencies, individuals or more recently for political figures. As a producer, she occasionally accompanies corporate or luxury agencies dedicated to the digital and editorial development advertising campaigns for major brands. Originally from Brittany, her personal photographic work is focused on nature and subjects related to littoral conservation... In addition to her job, Julie joined the Solinnen Team in March 2022 as Office Manager mainly to contribute to the administrative dimension of the projects, by assisting ACV analysts in their administrative tasks and also to be part of the internal activities of the company.

I am delighted to join the Solinnen Team and be involved in a world connected to making companies aware of their environmental impact. At this period of global climatic changes, it has become essential to work together with all the economic major in order to develop solutions that will contribute to preserve our Planet...

Ariane Saint-Jean

LCA analyst

Ariane, an AgroParisTech engineer, joined Solinnen in March 2023 for her end-of-studies internship. During her final year of studies, she pursued a dual curriculum with the Paris-Saclay University and obtained a Master's degree in Environmental Economics (M2 EEET). After a six-month internship at INRAE on the integration of rebound effects in LCA of fuelwood heating, she decided to continue exploring this method by joining an environmentally committed consulting firm. Ariane is now working at Solinnen as an LCA analyst on diversed projects.

With Solinnen, I am happy to be able to continue learning in a supportive environment while also contributing to the ecological transition.

Catherine Vu

LCA analyst

Engineering Master's degree from EEIGM (Ecole Européenne d'Ingénieur en Génie des Matériaux, 2023), Catherine officially joined Solinnen team in October 2023 after completing her end-of-studies internship. Her studies has given her a solid understanding of material shaping and physical properties. She has carried out several LCA and eco-design projects in various sectors (building, art, cosmetics, luxury goods, transport...).

I am delighted to join Solinnen, a company that contributes to the preservation of the environment and to work every day with a motivated team.

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