PEF – European Product Environmental Footprint

It is time to get ready for the renewed European Single market for green products!

Since 2011, the European Commission is working on future policies that will build a Single Market for green products.

Indeed, the European consumers are more and more aware of, and sensitive to the environmental impacts of their choices and behaviors, but are unable to neither trust producer’s claim nor make any relevant choice by looking at numerous environmental label – more than 400 environmental labels have been recorded worldwide, only some of them (not all!) being based on ISO standards.

In parallel, more and more companies in various sectors create value (or save money!) by (re)designing their products in order to minimize their life cycle impacts (eco-design), or innovating with new material made of waste or unused or misused co-product (circular economy).

PEF is coming soon

In this context, in order to answer the needs expressed by the consumers and the European countries, the European Commission has built a harmonized methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprints of products and organizations (2011-2013 – PEF and OEF methodology development). This methodology is inspired from ISO 14040 (LCA) and ISO 14020 (Environmental communication) series, and is designed by DG Environment to replace all these standards – and alternative label supporting methodologies – in Europe. It includes additional specific requirements.

Since 2013, 26 pilot projects, plus other projects (“shadow projects”), in various sectors, have tested the methodology by developing their Product Category specific Rules, their assessment tools, the communication format and the verification process). This pilot phase, originally scheduled for 3 years, was extended by one and a half year to summer 2018 and has required a deep and intense commitment from a lot of stakeholders (large companies and SMEs, industry associations, technical experts (LCA, toxicology, etc.), Academia, NGO, consumers associations, Governmental associations, Members states representatives, EC departments, etc. including bodies from the US and Japan). Some pilots have stopped due to the difficulties they have encountered.


From September 2018, a new phase will start and will be the last step before the adoption of policies and directives, implementing PEF requirements in Europe, planned to be enforced by 2020.

Solinnen can help you!

At Solinnen, we have been deeply involved in this process while accompanying the Laundry Detergents PEF pilot from the beginning, together with A.I.S.E., and along each different steps of the learning process of a sector already quite advanced in its sustainability commitment and knowledge of its footprint.  We have also been involved in other pilots at different steps of the process such as the coffee pilot and the paper pilot. This investment was a strategy decision to reach the point where we are now.

Then, based on our strong experience in assisting a sector and individual companies in this process, we are proud to be able to bring you relevant support and assistance to be prepared to this forthcoming Single European green Market, and use this outcome of this experience and build on it to create value.

Discover PEF

Understand what is going on and the implication for my sector and my company: we provide specific in-house training, transferring our expertise, in order to help you understand the initiative, its outcomes and the implications for your company, for the products you export to Europe and then for your other products.

Set up a PEF related strategy

Build my strategy to be prepared for 2020 Single European green Market: we assist you in drafting the steps from your current situation to prepare yourself to get ready, or your companies members according to their size, sustainability awareness and expertise, etc. How are you going to stay on the Single European green Market?

Learn and practice PEF

Watch, be engaged and experience PEF: we assist you to be part of the transition phase, either by following the learning process of this Transition phase, or by applying to join the next pilots, or by launching your own “shadow” pilot.

Create value thanks to PEF

Build on this initiative to create value: if you do not have a direct interest of being prepared for the Single European green Market requirements, but if we want to provide the most relevant information to your stakeholders and customers, based on that PEF work done by several very advanced and engaged sectors in Europe, we assist you doing it and integrating it in your own core strategy.

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