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Solinnen as a training organization

Solinnen has more than 20 years of experience in providing training about Life Cycle Assessment to companies, in all the forms described below. We train students, environmental engineers as well as business managers and business executives, for 1 to 3 days, in groups of 1 to 20 people.

Convinced that our projects bring a new perspective on your activities and products, our training provides the perfect complement to the knowledge we share with you through the projects we do with you and help you to consolidate and broaden your skills.

Customized training tailored to your needs

Each training we provide is specifically tailored to the participants, according to:

  • The number of participants: a group of 1 to 6 or 10 to 20 people
  • The skills they have before training
  • The targeted level of knowledge to be acquired: awareness on the subject, beginners, practitioners, more advanced practitioners and experts
  • Their role in your company (e.g. Global Management, R & D, Marketing and Communication, Design) and the expected skills in this field now and in the future
  • Their availability, and the timeline when the trainees should be operational
  • The fulfillment of the client’s need that the trainees will be able to train other people within the company based on the same training materials

The recipe for a good training session by Solinnen

Recipe for a good training session
The practice of LCA cannot be acquired in just a few days! In order to transform what has been transmitted into acquired knowledge, it is crucial to practice shortly after the end of the training. We advise you to choose your dates of training when you will have the time to practice by yourself afterwards. We will answer your questions even after the training has been completed.