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Solinnen and One Click LCA develop an easy to use concrete EPD tool for the French industry

French LCA expert Solinnen and Bionova, developer of the One Click LCA construction Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) software have partnered to deliver easy to use Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tools. The joint solutions rely on the innovative One Click LCA cloud software.

Demand for construction product EPDs grows rapidly in France and globally. Requirements for EPDs are changing as well. European Commission has mandated a revision to the EN 15804+A2, the essential EPD standard that sets new requirements for EPD tools, which this partnership helps to meet.

“Easy to use tools are the best way for construction product manufacturers to meet market expectations for environmental information”, says Philippe Osset, CEO of Solinnen. “The new EN 15804+A2 requirements are a challenge, since they require to recalculate EPDs generated so far. Going with One Click LCA now is the appropriate way to face this challenge at the minimum costs”.

The first EPD tool to be modernised by the partners is BETie, the ready-mix concrete EPD tool managed by the French ready-mix concrete industry association SNBPE. The new tool will be released in 2020. The tool will be generally available with an advanced version for manufacturers. These EPDs are essential for the upcoming French building embodied carbon regulation.

“Demonstrating continued leadership in the construction sector, SNBPE decided to start the upgrade of BETie now, following the two previous versions of the tool. This provides a modern, recognised EPD tool for the ready-mix concrete industry. We achieve compliance with the new version of the standard and address needs of the stakeholders in the best possible way”, says Benoist Thomas, the Secretary-General of SNBPE. “We chose to work with Solinnen and Bionova on this project because to their deep expertise, significant sectoral experience, and their engagement in both standardisation and French regulatory development.”.

Modern, easy-to-use solutions for scalable EPD creation are very sought after. Creating such a solution that is relevant for the industry and complies with all requirements is, however demanding.

“One Click LCA is tailored for the construction industry”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of Bionova. “We are very proud that our platform was chosen for the re-development of BETie and expect that this cooperation will allow us to develop and bring to the market more innovative solutions.”

The value added of the partnership is not only technological. Together, Solinnen and Bionova have worked with all sectors of the construction and construction materials industries and are the leaders of their field, allowing to offer business value adding solutions, beyond compliance.


For more information:

Philippe Osset, CEO, Solinnen, +33 1 83 64 53 86,
Panu Pasanen, CEO, Bionova, +358 44 2871 722,

About Bionova: Bionova’s One Click LCA is the world-leading construction LCA platform, used in over 60 countries. Bionova was founded in Finland in 2001. More at

About Solinnen: Solinnen offers LCA expertise and consulting services for strategy, innovation and communication, since 2010. More at

About SNBPE: SNBPE is the French national ready-mix concrete association. It represents more than 80% of concrete production in France. More at

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